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Located inside the Aurora Casino in Billings, MT, The Cutting Edge Salon, LLC provides first-rate hair services for people of all ages. You can visit us to treat yourself to a haircare day, or bring your family for routine haircuts. Our professional hairstylists have more than 14 years of experience, so you can trust them to give you the exact style you have in mind.

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If you need a professional hairstylist who you can always rely on to take care of your or your family's hair, you'll find what you're looking for at The Cutting Edge Salon. Our team is...

  • Friendly
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  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable

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What Others Are Saying

Terrific little shop with super nice cutters. Great for a guys hair cut. No lines or crowds and they took me immediately.

James D.

My 5 year old daughter decided to give herself a hair cut, cutting off more than 7 inches. Jessica did a great job of fixing it up and giving her a cute little girl cut. She also gave 2 of my boys cuts while we there. She's professional and does a great job working around the wiggles while engaging with the kiddos.

Maria R.

Not only did my girls leave happy with beautiful cuts but Jess and Brooke were great to visit with!!

Will be back for sure!

Elisa B.

I will start by saying Great Hair cut and I will be returning. I have a few reasons for 4 star instead of 5. For a $20 hair cut I was hoping they would shave my neck. Most barber shops will shave neck and sometimes around ears. I suppose this isn't a barber shop but it does seem like it's geared towards men. This wasn't worth a whole star reduction. I liked my hair cut so much (still do 2 weeks later) that I brought my son in to get his cut a few days later ($15 for kids cut), got cut by a different person than who cut my hair. His hair looked good but when I brought him home my wife noticed a lot of really long hairs on the sides and back. It was an easy fix with my beard trimmer and the longest attachment. this could have been because his hair is very fine (he's barely 2). Regardless, you'd hope they would go over to make sure they're cutting all hairs. I also did a little trim on his bangs too.
Overall, good place to get a hair cut.

Benjamin B.

Great experience. Love my hair cut. Will definitely go back!

Darlene D.

Very professional, very nice ladies and wonderful prices. Won't go anywhere else

Dwayne C.

Awesome girls work here very pleasant people

Jim W.

My boyfriend and I went in. He has Justin Bieber hair cut and it's hard for places to get his cut just right. This lady got it perfect for him. We walked in and the long wasn't late. They did my eyebrows too. Definitely recommend & we're going back soon!

Jemini S.

The pricing scale is very equitable. Friendly staff. Have been going for a year, and they have done my long hair

Isaac F.

Great group of ladies that work there!

Jeff R.